Suchitoto and San Salvador

In San Salvador, Dad had hernia surgery. He selected a good clinic based on recommendations from other gringos. Nathan got his wisdom teeth taken out by an oral surgeon trained in Lyon, France. Nathan’s surgery was delicate due a molar being so near a nerve. Most of our family has been praying that the numbness in his tongue from nerve damage will leave. After the surgery we went to Suchitoto to recover.
Justin and Renae went swimming at a water fall. We saw an amazing rock structure at another falls near town. We had a police escort and Renae and Justin rode in the back of their beat up truck. Dad mostly laid around couchsurfing, but also took pictures hobbling along the cobble stone streets. Since Nathan was still in recovery, Justin gave two performances by himself at a girl’s school. (Photos!)
Then it was back to our friendly hostel in San Salvador were we slept and left early to take a bus across Honduras to La Ceiba on the far coast.

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Antigua, Guatemala weavings

From Copan Ruinas, Honduras, we went to Antiqua, Guatemala, where we juggled for disabled children at a public school. We also juggled in the main plaza of Antigua (see video!). Justin used the money earned from juggling to by a lesson in braiding arm bracelets. And Renae bought a special baby carrier blanket for a friend in Eugene. You might say we traded weaving balls in the air for weaving threads. Photos!

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Juggling in Antigua, Guatemala

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Honduras Hospital and Carnival

On the plane again. I’m washed with nastalgia of so many times feeling the same changes in momentum as we lift off into the night sky. It is July 4, and there are tiny firecrackers deep down on the black surface of our little planet. We took off from Portand at midnight, flew to Houston, Texas, and then arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in the morning. Descending into Honduras, I see a brown muddy river winding through many small fields. When we land, the airport is dirty, and there are old broken down shacks by the runway. Continue reading

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Aug 3, 4, and 5 at medical clinic

“DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!” the blood soaked 18 teen year old stumbled through the doors of the clinic. On his left arm a 2 inch gash with spurting blood made me suddenly inhale sharply. He’d been in a car crash, and now had an exposed humeral fracture. “What happened?” Dr Ramon said in Spanish as he pushed aside a curtain and helped him onto a bed. “I…” his chest heaved twice every second, and he tossed and turned his head, spitting on the floor often. “…don’t know…” He let out another moan “…car crash!” Continue reading

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1st day volunteering at medical clinic (Aug 2)

UGH… working at a clinic is hard. And stressful. But definitely exciting, captivating, meaningful, and interesting. For the month of August, I (Justin) will be volunteering at a clinic on Roatan, a small island of the coast of Honduras in central America. Clinica Esperanza (clinic of hope) was founded by Ms. Peggy, and is run off of donations and volunteers. Days will begin at seven AM and end between one and three PM with no lunch break, except for what you can grab when you’re not needed. Yesterday was day 1 at the clinic. “So how was your first day?” a fellow volunteer asked. “Good, I learned a lot” I said. Now I will say a little more. Continue reading

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Juggling Brothers Promo

The Juggling Bros. from nathan&justin on Vimeo. (Be cool and watch it all the way throo)

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Justin’s Success Speech

At Lane Community College in Eugene Oregon, I gave a speech about how I learned to read and write. There where about 30 people in the room. Although I stuttered and tripped over my words, this is still my favorite speech. There’s one magic trick and three juggling balls up in the air somewhere in the middle.

Justin’s Story of Success from nathan&justin on Vimeo. (About 7:59 minutes long)

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