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Suchitoto and San Salvador

In San Salvador, Dad had hernia surgery. He selected a good clinic based on recommendations from other gringos. Nathan got his wisdom teeth taken out by an oral surgeon trained in Lyon, France. Nathan’s surgery was delicate due a molar … Continue reading

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Juggling in Antigua, Guatemala

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An uncanny mystery of disease…

“Ugg, what are these bumps on my arm?” I slept solely on my left side, so immediately the assumption walked through my brain that somehow the blood had cluttered together and got stuck. A parallel section on the back of … Continue reading

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Learning and Loving

My family used to sit down and munch through books. Feeling like an envious outsider, I would watch every one else licking their lips with the delight of language as they gulped down sentences. “How come everybody else can read … Continue reading

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My big Dad

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DAAAAAAD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! You were three days late of a tax reduction. A man already grown in Marcias womb. Once, a person stopped your to-be mother on … Continue reading

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Halloween and a broken nose

Wind whistled through my shirt, making it flap against my skin. The exhilaration of the ground coming up at me made my heart beat faster. I panted and took in the air charging at my mouth. Standing on Grandmas swing, … Continue reading

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Writing about writing and reading

Grinning, I rushed into the kitchen waving a messy paper. The writing on it could hardly be recognized. Squiggles and blotches covered the whole page. I proudly set it on the table, and called everyone to come and look. My … Continue reading

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Pourin’ Asturian Sidra

Aaaww… a refreshing glass of Sidra. Throughout our travels and adventures it is not uncommon to “try something new”. Pouring and drinking Sidra falls into this category. The art of this culinary activity begins first with pouring the Sidra from … Continue reading

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