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Antigua, Guatemala weavings

From Copan Ruinas, Honduras, we went to Antiqua, Guatemala, where we juggled for disabled children at a public school. We also juggled in the main plaza of Antigua (see video!). Justin used the money earned from juggling to by a … Continue reading

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Juggling in Antigua, Guatemala

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Honduras Hospital and Carnival

On the plane again. I’m washed with nastalgia of so many times feeling the same changes in momentum as we lift off into the night sky. It is July 4, and there are tiny firecrackers deep down on the black … Continue reading

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Aug 3, 4, and 5 at medical clinic

“DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!” the blood soaked 18 teen year old stumbled through the doors of the clinic. On his left arm a 2 inch gash with spurting blood made me suddenly inhale sharply. He’d been in a car crash, and now had … Continue reading

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1st day volunteering at medical clinic (Aug 2)

UGH… working at a clinic is hard. And stressful. But definitely exciting, captivating, meaningful, and interesting. For the month of August, I (Justin) will be volunteering at a clinic on Roatan, a small island of the coast of Honduras in … Continue reading

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Biking in Eugene

Singing: “this is my story, this is my song, praising my savior all the day long” I bob on rough dirt trails etched in the grass like hundreds of overlapping dead snakes. I invited a friend, but in the end … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Bronze Bow, By Elizabeth Speare

In the time of Jesus, Roman rulers controlled Jew’s land and suppressed them with high taxes. “The Bronze Bow” is historical fiction. Daniel, an outlaw living with a gang in some mountains, wants to revenge his parents death by killing … Continue reading

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Nathans Big Day

Nathan turned 18 yesterday. Most likely my parents will kick him out of the house with a pair of clean underwear and a guitar…. Since we have a lot of relatives that live close by, everybody came to celebrate his … Continue reading

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