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I'm the short one, but not for long.

Angry Cocain de-mothered kids stealer

As if proud, she loudly addressed one person sitting amid the thick bus crowd: “My grandmother had a 9 and a half year sentence in prison for robbing a bank, and she got all the money back right out of … Continue reading

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SSSSSCCCCHHHOOL rocks (and uuuggghhs too)

Like dragon’s breath, my smoky exhalation floats up into the pale white sky. The crispy morning and the frost on the grass reminds me it’s almost winter. Sulfege rises into the morning as a tap my foot and conduct at … Continue reading

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The Sun

Dear you, I forgot to tell you something, about the island. There was a ball of yellow fire above our strip of green in the big blue. That beat down on me and someones back (usually family, sometimes my friend … Continue reading

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Last Day at Clinica Esperanza (Aug 29)

Welp, The End. Laura, my supervisor, filled out paperwork for the cooperative education I’m signing up for at LCC, which will give 4 credits for working at the clinic for a month. She said I am: inquisitive, engaged, a active … Continue reading

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Aug 25 at Clinica Esperanza

The baby peed on me today. Her mother had appendicitis, so as she was rushed to the hospital, the baby was left in my hands. It made me think about being a dad. I don’t think anybody ever really ‘likes’ … Continue reading

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Aug 19 at clinica esperanza

Two volunteers and one doctor left today. Things will be a lot busier around here, or else new volunteers will roll in soon. Tropical storm Harvey is whisking dead on toward the tiny island Roatan, so today only 15 people … Continue reading

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Aug 8 at clinica esperanza

Aug 8 PHARMACY FRIES MY BRAINS. After hours finding everybody’s drugs, Becca told me “if there isn’t a folder for the patient, write their name on the bag” “huh? Say that again?” “I know…” she was referring to the current … Continue reading

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Suchitoto and San Salvador

In San Salvador, Dad had hernia surgery. He selected a good clinic based on recommendations from other gringos. Nathan got his wisdom teeth taken out by an oral surgeon trained in Lyon, France. Nathan’s surgery was delicate due a molar … Continue reading

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