Angry Cocain de-mothered kids stealer

As if proud, she loudly addressed one person sitting amid the thick bus crowd: “My grandmother had a 9 and a half year sentence in prison for robbing a bank, and she got all the money back right out of prison cause she shipped it off to her uncle in California. Then she squandered it all away on drugs and lost her brain…” She went on to basically explain how the tradition of robbery and drugs and little education cussing boyfriend video game terribleness was been passed down throughout 4 generations.

At 6,
She shoplifted her first time.
Father and young daughter, burned down a school, and went to jail.
She was told the best way to make money was to steal.

She stole cigarettes,
she made $500 a day,
she sold them to the wrong person,
“#$%^ I got caught!”

She robbed a store for three years.
Soon she was placed in probation and labeled criminally insane.

She stopped the “hard core drugs”
when she birthed her 3 kids.
They watch her, for many a reason, pushed to the ground, cussing at the police man, once again, once again, many times over. And the kids learned. They learned fast, to hate authority. When her 2 year old and 5 year old children see the police, the call them pigs, and spit on them. “I’ve raised my kids to hate everybody.” She said, with a warped bragging tone.
I’m actually a good person,
I just do bad stuff on accident sometimes”
Suddenly, I recognized a land mark outside the bus when the bus was stopped. I jumped off, thinking I had missed my stop by a long ways. The moon, circled by a yellow ring, shone down on me, a confused Christian student from a liberal community college. As the bus pulled away, I realized I got off too early, so I called for a ride. Fortunately, I had pajamas and layers of coats and hats and gloves that I had worn in the morning to keep out the bitter frost. I pondered what my shocked ears had heard. Under the moonlight, drifting my eyes up and down River Road, I quietly pondering the day. For a moment, all was still, no bickering over evolution, friends, or humanism and Buddhism. Just the moon and I, admiring each other.
At home, my pillow embraced my ears, and warmed them through the night. Tomorrow, I will wake up and rejoice, for tomorrow is the day the Lord has made.
How can someone wander so far from the truth?
I think the answer is simple:
they forget Jesus.

Romans 1:21 …For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened…


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