The Sun

Dear you,
I forgot to tell you something,
about the island.
There was a ball of yellow fire above our strip of green in the big blue.
That beat down on me and someones back (usually family, sometimes my friend Andrew), as we snorkled above the lion fish and vibrant coral.
We lived on a dirt road, 3 minutes from the dock. The dock had large poles that we could jump off.
My family and I watched a baptism, many a sunset, and jumped in and out of the warm ocean soup, drying under the sun on the dock.
I snorkled above coral mixed with patches of sand pits far far from the dock. Suddenly, a green eel as tall as me lashed out from under a rock and confronted a lobster. Scared, the eel swam off, and I floated- awed, shocked, more aware of the mystery of the deeps.
So I wanted to tell you,
that the island changed me.

About Justin

I'm the short one, but not for long.
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