SSSSSCCCCHHHOOL rocks (and uuuggghhs too)

Like dragon’s breath, my smoky exhalation floats up into the pale white sky. The crispy morning and the frost on the grass reminds me it’s almost winter. Sulfege rises into the morning as a tap my foot and conduct at the bus stop. I feel alone, ready to get on the bus, without my brother or sister with me. This term at LCC I’m taking all my classes as a loney. And a lot.
General Chemestry.
Music Theory.
Sight reading and ear training.
The funny thing is, I’m 16 and taking 16 credits. Until last week when suddenly it wasn’t. My birthday forced me into 17. Oh well.
Today I took a 20 minute timed key signature mastery quiz, and a 50 question economics test, and I did a butt load of calculations for the titrations lab (where we get to turn things pink) we did on Tuesday. Now I have to do 6 sections of music theory homework due tomorow morning. My eyes are red, and I haven’t been getting enough sleep (for me, not enough means like 8 hours).
Tonight I could be at the choir, but instead I’m (or should be) doing music theory homework. I want to go to Daniel airs house when I have time. Which probably means never. Maybe it’s me, but every time I finish something my homework, somebody turns around and gives me more.
The end.

Plus one:
I’m lonely.

Plus two:
That’s bad

Drum role please….
Jesus! And some fellow”s in a “ship

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4 Responses to SSSSSCCCCHHHOOL rocks (and uuuggghhs too)

  1. Justin says:

    that’s great. you can be lonely with me then.

  2. Justin says:

    that was Renae who said that. not me.

  3. Justin says:

    And that was Renae who impersonated me by saying that “it wasn’t me who said that, it was Renae”. But this is really Justin.
    J boy

  4. Falafel girl says:

    I am sorry to hear you’re so lonely. Dunno why you would be, what with music, economics, and chemistry to keep you company! But then again, I never had the luxury of taking classes with my siblings. :(

    I do know what you’re saying about the turning around and more hw though. It’s pretty sad, huh? But sleep is important! I say this at 10:05 with no intention of going to sleep, but nonetheless! An adolescent needs between 8.5 and 9.5 hours according to the sticker on the elliptical in the LCC gym. :D

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