Last Day at Clinica Esperanza (Aug 29)

The End.
Laura, my supervisor, filled out paperwork for the cooperative education I’m signing up for at LCC, which will give 4 credits for working at the clinic for a month. She said I am:

inquisitive, engaged, a active learner, willing to do all tasks, works well with others, connects well with children.


Justin was a pleasure to have at the clinic. His energy and enthusiasm to learn did not go unnoticed. The Staff and patients a like enjoyed his juggling and singing entertainment at various points through the day.

according to Laura, these are the skills I practiced at the clinic:

gathers vital signs- takes a manual blood pressure, appropriately takes temp and chief complaints; helps nursing staff adequately prioritize patients based on severity of symptoms, increased knowledge of medical problems and usage and dosing of medications, increased Spanish language.

I think they liked me. Tomorow we leave on a ferry back to mainland Honduras. From there, we’ll catch a bus to Guatemala. Hopefully we’ll see some Mayan ruins at Tical, some crocodiles in the rio Dulce, and some smiles while Nathans up where he usually is, on my shoulders juggling. With my kind of dad everybody is planning on having our normal bizarre adventures.

I started practicing the guitar a lot this week, and now know the entire fretboard, how to play the chords E, A, B, F, how to finger through the G scale, and how to bar a E and A chord. Unfortunately, today my brother must return the guitar he borrowed from the church, so maybe I’ll learn the mandolin Nathan brought instead. I’m very excited to start a year of music theory, piano, ear training, and sight reading at Lane Community College.
Lydia is skyping Renae.
Nathan is skyping Ria.
Dad is snoring.
and Mom is on a plane, to be with Michelle tomorrow.


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I'm the short one, but not for long.
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