Aug 8 at clinica esperanza

Aug 8
PHARMACY FRIES MY BRAINS. After hours finding everybody’s drugs, Becca told me “if there isn’t a folder for the patient, write their name on the bag”
“huh? Say that again?”
“I know…” she was referring to the current state of my brain: fried in long drug names, kicked around the pharmacy looking for them, parched in the constant difficulties, and then wrung of all the we had to store in short term memory. “Write the name on the bag” she repeated.
“Write the name on the bag” I repeated. The words came out, but they remained unregistered for 5 more seconds. “Ohhhhh… write their name on their drug baggy. OK. I can do that.”
She laughed.
Pharmacy is slow, technical, and boring- at least right now when I don’t know where most of the drugs are. Triage is a lot more interesting. My experience with one little 3 year old boy left me very happy. Bawling, the 3 year old pushed away from Josue, who was trying to measure his height. Weighing him was hard enough. So I pulled out my cry-baby weapons: the juggling balls. The wining and tears immediately stopped as he was raptured into watching the juggling balls fly through space to “la Arania Pecenita”, the itsy bitsy spider in Spanish. We then gave the 3 year old a stuffed animal. Another toddler let me check her temperature and wrap the pulsox band around her toe as I sang “Silent Night”. Seeing scared crying kids revert to smiles because of me is exhilarating.
Pharmacy, triage, and shadowing doctors are the only things I’ve been doing right now. I’m hoping to diversify my work more when the entire upstairs floor opens up. Maybe even help birth a baby!

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  1. Oma says:

    Wow Justin I am impressed!! You are right pharmacy is not very fun and a lot mind frying. Most drugs these days are not known by their common, but by their generic names, which is usually Latin based. But so worth it for those who need what they get. It is so good to have someone like you who can distract the fright away from little ones, sometimes even the olders ones. Medicine can be scarey for those of any age! Maybe you can be a Pediatrician, that would be a good fit for you. Have you ever seen the movie “Patch Adams” played by Robin Williams? If not we have a VHS copy that was Karirose’s—about a doctor in your Grampa Sam’s generation—very funny.

    Papa may go back to the coast this Sunday because the seas have laid down and the good fish are back—fish being caught. Then he will leave on Friday to go elk and deer hunting up on the marsh, north on 97 and then east on Silver lake road. I am trying to get back to my painting projects. We pray for you all, and am so happy you are having a good time and learning alot. Hugs to every one. Oma

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