Aug 25 at Clinica Esperanza

The baby peed on me today. Her mother had appendicitis, so as she was rushed to the hospital, the baby was left in my hands. It made me think about being a dad. I don’t think anybody ever really ‘likes’ changing diapers, they just get accustomed to it, and it becomes less and less gross. When I’m a dad, I will make sure to change diapers just as much as my spouse. We went up and down the halls, me singing, she looking up at me with big brown eyes. I’ll never get used to that deep curious stare. Sometimes she smiled, sometimes she cried. “Tengo un bebe!” I told Angela, who had done the same thing with a baby a few days ago. Carla changed her diaper.
With four days left at the clinic, things are wrapping up now, and I’ve sucked up most of what I will learn in my months stay here. I know all the phrases people use in the triage room, and can most of the time understand the Spanish vocabulary people use to describe their maladies. Taking blood pressure with the blood pressure hand cuff was frustrating today. Half of the pulses where so faint I couldn’t hear them, and for one person I got it right but then reported the numbers wrong. Luckily we’ve got a handy automatic cuff to double check on.
“This is the only place you’ll get to hear 50 different heart beats a day” Ms. Peggy says. I’ll start listing to a few tomorrow, and count pulse rate. Maybe in my last few days I’ll hear some strange beats, and learn something.
Well that was today,
Asta la Vista Babe!

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  1. Oma says:

    Justin, You have gotten such wonderful and important experience, that most people in a lifetime don’t get. Taking care of babies is only part of the fun, even if they pee all over you! You have a treasure trove of memories to enjoy for a life time. Not just medical of course, but meeting people, making them smile, showing God’s great love for each of them and being an available tool in the hand of the Master. You are very blessed and honored among mankind, as each member of you family. Ole, see you soon.

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