Aug 19 at clinica esperanza

Two volunteers and one doctor left today. Things will be a lot busier around here, or else new volunteers will roll in soon. Tropical storm Harvey is whisking dead on toward the tiny island Roatan, so today only 15 people came to the clinic and we finished at noon.
Today I
did triage,
juggled and sang for the children,
watched Angela sign people in at the front,
took someone’s blood pressure who had arms twice the width of my thighs,
listened to Becca’s grand rounds about pin worms,
dosed out drugs from the pharmacy,
shadowed several doctors,
looked inside a patients ear who had a hole in their tympanic membrane,
helped to fit someone with the proper glasses,
watched the urine dipstick test,
and shadowed RN Lora change bandages on a man with hands swollen as big as cantaloupes.
Then I ran home, put on my swimsuit, and played with the fishes in the big blue sea.

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I'm the short one, but not for long.
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