Book Review: The Bronze Bow, By Elizabeth Speare

In the time of Jesus, Roman rulers controlled Jew’s land and suppressed them with high taxes. “The Bronze Bow” is historical fiction.
Daniel, an outlaw living with a gang in some mountains, wants to revenge his parents death by killing Romans. But when his grandma starts to die in his hometown town below, Daniel takes care of her and his sister. His sister, Leah, never ventures out of the house. Everything scares her. Struggling between his hate of the Romans and his awe of Jesus, Daniel attempts to hate and love at the same time.
Hints of a changing heart drop throughout this book. Daniel comes to realize that perhaps “The Kingdom of God” Jesus talks about might not mean freedom from the Romans. When Daniel looses some of his friends, he faces all the boiling black hate sloshing around in his heart. In a life-changing twist of events, he gives up being a slave to hate and makes an incredible discovery.

Elizabeth George Speare made a realistic portrayal of life at the time of Jesus. More importantly, she took a big story and fit in a small one: Daniels life. She showed how Jesus’ message might sound to dedicated haters of Rome. This is the most well written story I’ve ever picked up. “The Bronze Bow” is the best book I’ve ever read. I hate to admit it, but I always think a book that I just finished “is the best book I’ve ever read”.

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