Nathans Big Day

Nathan turned 18 yesterday. Most likely my parents will kick him out of the house with a pair of clean underwear and a guitar…. Since we have a lot of relatives that live close by, everybody came to celebrate his Americanized cultural ‘coming to manhood’. I don’t get it: in Israel you become a man at 13, and in America you have to wait all the way to 18!?
13 relatives joined us. Of everybody there we had a magician, two circus performers, two actors/directors, a poet, a baby, and a physician and a dentist (just in case anyone got hurt). Our relatives are verily talented!
My brothers B-day kicked off with bowling. Good thing we didn’t literally kick it off with a bowling ball. Everyone got very bad scores- except my uncle. Everybody tried different ways of throwing that big round plastic ball: grandma throws, spins, speed throws, and countless bouncing gutter balls. We made a ruckus applauding anything from knocking all ten pins over to just barely nicking the edge.
Back home, Dad made potatoes for everyone and then we sang every song we could think of except for “Happy Birthday”. Finally we gave in and Nathan blew out the candles on all the brownies as we sang. I made a big present hunt. I hid about 25 clues all around the property that lead to each other. Some of the most creative places I hid clues included inside a balloon, on a cats collar, in a link at the top of our swing, in the mail box, in a e-mail sent to Nathan, inside a ceiling fan, in Nathans journal, in aunt Katie’s pocket, and at the top of a ladder. Some of the hints where verses. One clue just had “Ecclesiastes 3″ written on it. That chapter is all about a time to do things. The next clue hung behind the clock. Another clue had 2 Kings 4:32 on it- “When Elisha reached the house, there was the boy lying dead on his couch.”
The last present at the end of the clue trail I hid near the top of a tree. Nathan climbed for it.
Nathan took his AKG K240 (huh?) headphones, his mandolin, and his super-nice keyboard to the church to jam with some friends about Jesus. Finally we went to bed and I read his new ESV study-bible. All our relatives had fun, Nathan got to climb a tree, Josiah helped run around looking for clues, a cat got to carry a clue in her collar, and everyone got a brownie. What a scrumptious day.

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  1. Auntie Sondra says:

    The joys of growing older . . . Nat has a special birthday because he was born on the same day our youngest daughter Mayce turned 12 which makes her 30 yesterday! We would love to have any and all of the family come to Colorado to visit . . . If Nat gets “moved on” he will always have a home with us!

    love you all so very much
    the auntie

  2. GiGi says:

    Your e-mail seems to be on my computer. I will try to find Nathan’s Big Day so I can read it.

  3. lala says:

    h.a.p.p.y. b.i.r.t.h.d.a.y.
    sorry i missed it…
    i’ll have to make you a spiffy present man(o:
    a very spiffy present.

    thanks so much for your persistence to be a godly young man.
    flee youthful lusts.
    don’t quench the Spirit.
    just LOVE Jesus.
    your sister in Christ,

  4. Nathan says:

    Hey thanks for all your encouragement lala. My Business 101 teacher said something about being all in lala land and I thought of you :) hehe… I just read this post. My brother is a great writer, eh? I sure admire it.

  5. Heather Ann (the) says:

    Happy Birthday Nathan! :D Welcome to the world of perceived adulthood.

  6. josiah says:

    it was fun on nathens birthday!

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