Christmas day Drawings

Justins drawingRenaes drawingThis pencil and paper ordeal is really fun! The first picture is is me, and the second is Renae leaning against my Dads shoulder. A week before Christmas we decided to give each other portraits. My pic looks kinda cartoonish, and hers are shaded perfectly, making an elegant photo of lead on paper. We both spent hours on the pics, and Renae drew out a grid for hers. Drawing them was fun, wrapping them was fun, and opening them was fun. So, well, I guess we had fun. I expect you’ll have fun looking at them too.

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I'm the short one, but not for long.
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  1. GiGi says:

    Wow You did these pictures? I recognized you immediately. You can be a writer and illstrator. That’s my goal now as I never thought I was good enough, but I was if I’d just done it. That is indeed the difference, the doing. It takes so much patience and sticktoativity to accomplish one’s goals–a disciplined plan. When i stick to my plan, I’m forever amazed at how much I accomplis and it feels so great.

    I’m reading about St. Benedict and how he organized his Monastic Order and WOW does he have good ideas even to organize the family that lives,works, eats, and prays together. I don’t know if they play, but imagine even monks must have had some kind of fun. In looking back, I think I was a pretty good manager, but I wish people had done what I asked them to with out the necessity of such a firm hand. You kids get away with stuff I didn’t allow, and yet I see you as terrific people who love God and have discipline when you feel like it, so I hope you continue to become inner directed as when we are our own boss we do so much better with the tasks we undertake rather than required by others.
    If you’d all just clean up after yourselves, then the job would always be done. I’ll study more on HOW St. Benedict accomplished his goals with the men in his group. Well, bye now, and hope I make time for some more of your writing. Love, GiGi, the idea girl ==this old gal. Now must do my own writing as it’s noon! I’m still in my PJs How’s that for the discipline of rest, my goal today!
    Love again and hugs to all!

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