An uncanny mystery of disease…

“Ugg, what are these bumps on my arm?” I slept solely on my left side, so immediately the assumption walked through my brain that somehow the blood had cluttered together and got stuck. A parallel section on the back of my hand was bright red, appearing rashly that morning. The crimson streak ran up my arm. Of all this, I made no relationship.
My parents counseled me as to what I should do. We arrived at the decision that I should drop by the college clinic and have them look at the bumps. Dad thought they were weak sections of my veins that had swollen with blood. Renae and I stopped by the clinic and found that it opened at ten. It was seven in the morning.
After music class, we went back and I tried to book an appointment. The lady at the front desk could not have me come in until next week. I asked her to feel my bumps. She did. Abviusly she was worried.
Something was wrong.
Soon the nurses whisked me into a room with a blue bed and a paper white pillow on it. Sitting awkwardly on the bed, I looked around the room. The cubicle was tiny. Across the room, a dresser stood holding bottles and tissues and all assortments of strange tools. They left me necessary paperwork, as I arrived a newbie to the clinic.
What could it be?
I was not scared. I told my parents jokingly what to do in case I died. In music class my head whirled in circles, and blood pulsated hard behind my eyes. My head was exploding. For a moment, reason impaired. Thinking was too hard.
Am I going to die?
A doctor walked in, pulling a demeanor of high spirits into the room. She asked questions, and examined my arm under a light. Tracing the waterfall of red down my arm, she arrived at my left middle finger.
“Can you flip your hand over?”
And there it was. Mystery solved. The connections were made: the bumps, the rash, the dizziness and the fever. The symptoms fell up my arm like a domino track. She informed me I had cat scratch fever. Basically what had happened is somehow I suffered to get a small cut, didn’t wash it, and had it licked by a cat. About half of all cats carry intracellular bacterium Bartonella around in their mouths. It effects them in no way, but it can prove fatal for humans. The poisoned blood creeps slowly to the heart, causing death on rare occasions. The mysterious bumps where actually lymph nodes; little filtering traps for foreign particles of bacteria. Lymph nodes inflame when they fight an infection- thus the bumps.
The symptoms of cat scratch fever that I felt where as fallows. Slight fever, headache, chills, backache and confusion. For some reason I felt every single one, but none very strong. The doctor prescribed me to get some very expensive antibiotic at BiMart, and then I came home on the bus. Few, what a long day. Renae still is not home, although it is 8:00 pm. We usually stay at Lane Community College all day long, finishing math homework and such. I know this post sounds kinda’ depressing, but don’t worry. I’m doing snazzy well!
The fatal lick

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