My big Dad

You were three days late of a tax reduction. A man already grown in Marcias womb. Once, a person stopped your to-be mother on the street and told her that she was the biggest pregnant lady he had ever seen. Your Dad bounced you over rocky roads trying to get you to hurry up and hop on out. Marcia took caster oil. You must have been one big baby.
When you suddenly decided to be born, the OBGYN, or the doctor birthing dude, had to rush down the hall cause for some reason you really wanted out. As he walked briskly, one nurse handed him his surgical mask and doctor clothes while another nurse picked up his normal clothes he threw behind him. That baby put things off for a while, but when he decided to emerge, he hurried up and got right to it. My Dad might put things off a while, but when he sets his mind to it he gets things done.
You were one big baby, and you’re one big Dad. I’m glad you spanked me, happy you trained me, and joyful to have such a Dad as you. Thanks for everything. Now, lets see about that chocolate pie…

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I'm the short one, but not for long.
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2 Responses to My big Dad

  1. lala says:

    happy birthday mr.nichols.

  2. GiGi says:

    How much did he weight? Katie didn’t want to come into the world either and weighed 9# 10 ounces. I ate ice cream & strawberries and I think that’s how she made her decision.

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