A Perfect Day?

Our friend, Stephanie Gonzalez, wrote this story. It’s about a day when we went over to her house and took a walk and got lost. Somehow we managed to walk in the exact opposite direction of the way we were supposed to go. Don’t even try to read out loud, it’s so funny you might choke. Enjoy! :)

“Beep-beep-beep” went Stephanie’s alarm clock. She groaned loudly…it was time to groggily wake up and start a new day. Then she remembered, today was the day her good friends, Renae and Justin, were coming. She jumped out of bed and went towards her wardrobe in the dark. In her excitement she tripped over her books… “Hmm…not exactly the start I wanted…” she thought to herself but although she was as klutzy as an awkward teenager with two left legs learning to dance the foxtrot she was not going to let that ruin her day. She managed to miraculously get to her wardrobe on the other side of her very messy room without falling flat on her face again although she did step on her cat’s tail. Pip did not take kindly to this and scratched her ankle. Anyway all this extra detail is not of great importance so I will try and carry on telling this story.
I gladly inform you that Stephanie ate breakfast and brushed her teeth without any further ordeal and proceeded to sit on the couch and wait for her friends to arrive. She waited…and waited….and waited….and waited…..and waited…and you guessed it….waited. They did not show up. They were meant to be there at 11:00 but now it was 12:30 and still nada. She walked down the big hill they lived on to see if they were there but nope they were not. She wondered if maybe they had forgotten. Just as she had began to lose all hope and was watching rain pour down she saw three figures walking towards the house. Could it be them? Yes, she thought so…but 2 hours late? Oh well…at least they seemed to be coming and decided that she could find someplace in her heart to forgive them. Justin, who ran everywhere, was first on the doorstep.
“Hey Stephanie, sorry we’re so late but we were on the bus from Camarma to Alcala and we kind of got lost but anyway then we got to Alcala..finally…and we couldn’t find a bus to your place so we thought about just going back but then my dad found a bus. We had to wait like an hour till it got there and then we got on it and half way there Renae thought that she had left her compass at home and she was rather upset but then I remembered seeing her put it in her pocket while we were at home and sure enough there it was and now we’re here.”
“Finally…” thought Stephanie but said nothing because right at that moment Renae and their dad were there too. She invited them inside and her dad and Renae and Justin’s dad talked about things like philosophy and computer technology while the three musketeers sat in Stephanie’s still very messy room. Stephanie sat listening to Justin and Renae both talk to her at the same time. Justin was talking about the funny events of yesterday while Renae talked about C.S Lewis’s philosophy. Stephanie thought about how happy she was to have such great friends here in Madrid. Renae; logical, smart and very funny. Justin; goofy, outgoing and also very funny.
Stephanie’s mum called them to lunch. Stephanie lived in a community and therefore the food was communal and one never knew what was going to be on the table. It could be anything from zucchini soup to stew with lots of chickpeas, a few pieces of veggie’s here and there, and something that looked like meat but one could never be too sure. Today there was shredded chicken with tomato sauce. It looked rather strange…but as they were planning to go on a long hike they knew they’d need energy and ate it. They ate as fast as they could and were out of the door before mum could say eat your greens. By then it had stopped raining although everything was still incredibly muddy but it didn’t stop them from crawling up hills.
The adventure really starts when the three were climbing up a steep hill. Or should we say two were because Justin, who climbed as fast as a monkey, was already at the top. Stephanie was about three-quarters of the way up, trying to hold on to plants to help her up, but not exactly succeeding. Renae was close by, leaning against a tree. She felt safe there and did not particularly want to move up or down. Somehow they both got to the top. Renae being the better climber got there first. Stephanie being rather klutzy was almost at the top when she slipped. She would probably have fallen and broken a few bones had Justin not reached out his hand to help her. At last they were all standing safely on a steady rock. It is important for me to mention that the whole time since they had left Stephanie’s house they had been walking North. Just then Justin had spotted a white house in the distance.
“Isn’t that your house over there?” asked Justin.
Stephanie gazed in the direction he was pointing. Yes, it did look like her house. Renae pulled out her compass.
“According to this we’ve been walking North the whole time and the white house is also North. If it was your house wouldn’t it have to be South?” she asked.
I am very, very sorry to say that Stephanie had already made up her mind that the house was hers. She said this out loud and Justin, who was anxious to keep on walking, agreed. Renae’s smart observation was forgotten and the three continued to hike. Over green grass and rocky paths they walked. It really was all very beautiful and Justin was repeatedly saying Wow. They were walking a long time and they were still only halfway there. “That’s strange,” thought Stephanie, “I don’t recognize any of this scenery…maybe this is a different route…still this shouldn’t be taking so long. It did look like my house though, I hope we get there soon, we’re getting awfully close to the time limit my mum gave us.” She didn’t say anything aloud but Renae and Justin were also having their doubts. However they were somehow still hopeful and did not turn back.
Closer and closer they were getting until they saw it close up. Stephanie’s community was big with cars and children playing around it. This house was small and outside there was an old man sitting there smoking. They all realized in an instant that it was definitely not her house. They were also very close to the highway. The community only had a dirt road leading up to it. In despair she almost started to cry.
“I can’t believe I could make such a terrible mistake. Of course it couldn’t have been my house. My house was in the complete opposite direction. We’re meant to be home in 10 minutes and it will take us at least an hour to go back the same way we came. My mum’s going to be so mad at us and it’s all my fault,” she said holding back tears.
“Don’t worry Stephanie. It wasn’t your fault it was all of our fault. I was the one who pointed out the house,” said Justin.
Renae smiled at her. “If we run home we’ll get there twice as fast,” she suggested.
So they ran, the whole time getting covered with mud. Stephanie desperately wished that she had listened to Renae at the top of the hill so that they wouldn’t be all the way here in the middle of nowhere. After about 30 minutes she started to wonder where they were. Nothing looked familiar. Then Renae noticed that they were very near the dirt road leading up to the community. Knowing that they headed in the right direction they slowed down and walked. They started singing random songs like, “I am a C, I am a C-H”. Thinking back they actually found the situation rather funny…they all had a good laugh over it. Stephanie wondered how her sense of direction could be so terrible. It seemed that whenever they went on walks together they always got lost.
By now Stephanie’s house was in sight, they saw that her mum was walking in the opposite direction trying to find them.
“Oh no, she’s going to be so mad at me for coming back so late” said Stephanie.
“It’s ok, I’ll explain it to her” said Justin.
Stephanie’s mum had already seen them by now. Her face looked shocked as she saw that every inch of them was absolutely covered with mud. She looked them up and down. Their clothes were stained with grass and mud, their hands were dirty, their shoes, eek…you couldn’t even see past the mud. She was very tempted to burst into uncontrollable laughter but somehow resisted.
“Why are you so late?” she inquired.
Justin explained it all to her. She sighed. Oh well, at least they were safe at home. She had started to wonder if maybe they had fallen of a cliff and was getting rather worried.
“Well you best all get inside and clean up.”
This was no small task. It took a long time to get all the mud of their shoes. When they were finished they settled down to watch a rather cheesy version of “The Silver Chair”. A perfect day? It hadn’t seemed so at times but looking back maybe it was because what made it that was friendship.

The End

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