Halloween and a broken nose

Wind whistled through my shirt, making it flap against my skin. The exhilaration of the ground coming up at me made my heart beat faster. I panted and took in the air charging at my mouth. Standing on Grandmas swing, my whole body bobbed up and down, making the swing go higher.

Grandmas swing groaned and creaked as the chains above my head crushed against each other. The ropes suffered under my weight. The chains holding the ropes cried. The tree holding the chains felt like it was going to fall. All of them screamed.


One link, just one, couldn’t take it any more. It had ground itself down to nothing more than a skinny piece of worthless metal, and now it gave out. I rammed into the ground. Such speed! Luckily my nose broke my fall. Ha! Actually my fall broke my nose. With a mouth full of dirt, I lifted myself up and sprinted inside. At first, not a thought passed through my head. My body relied solely on instinct for the next moment.

“Call dad!” I sobbed at my sister. Later she told me she thought I was pretending.

I shivered violently. By the time I lay in bed with ice on my hand, knee, and nose the shivering had stopped. The crying stopped too.

Later, after a five hour nap, my uncle (a professor who teaches anatomy) and aunt (a hygienist) came over to examine my nose. My uncle jokingly said that it was an improvement. My Aunt wondered what all the black stuff was on my teeth. After examining it and poking it a lot, they said it was OK. Later Dad told me I had broken most of the cartilage in my nose. It still hurts when I bop it.

Later that night I went to a “Harvest Party” and my uncles “Hell House”. I was sure lucky I already had a built in mask!

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I'm the short one, but not for long.
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5 Responses to Halloween and a broken nose

  1. Yes, there comes a time when any man must accept that he has grown too old for his granma’s swing!
    Sorry you had to find out that way.
    Soon you will find other exhilarating ways of flying, I’m sure.

    Greetings your flickr friend.

  2. nathan says:

    My brother is one who goes just past parallel with the ground, about 4 meters high on this swing. He runs and jumps on it to get going!

    Nice to have bumped into you on flickr :]

  3. nathan says:

    By the way Niels, do you need some help with your little nook in cyber space?

  4. GiGi says:

    Does it still hurt? Do you breath easily? What’s the prognosis for the future of said nasal injury?

  5. josiah says:

    i dont see a broken nose?

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