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Grinning, I rushed into the kitchen waving a messy paper. The writing on it could hardly be recognized. Squiggles and blotches covered the whole page. I proudly set it on the table, and called everyone to come and look. My family gathered around. “My first whole page!” I shouted, as if something extremely vital to life was finally accomplished. Laughing, dad and I attempted to figure out what it said, but neither one of us could get much out of the illegible print. I could barely read my own writing! Part of the story included a diamond, a spaceship, and a ‘bad guy’. I remember my first story like I would remember a blurry dream.

Both my creativity and I grew from there on. In 3rd grade I remember that my print was so messy and my spelling so horrific that Mom typed everything for me. I wrote long and confusing stories about dragons, candy houses, frogs and pigs. Slowly but surely my spelling improved, and I developed typing skills, so I no longer relied on my mother to type out long papers for me.

Now I mostly write the beginnings of stories never finished, and life experiences on this blog. Off and on I keep a journal.

As writing and reading seem to be tied up together in the same knot, I will now move on to the next loop… “I want to learn how to read!” I complained to nobody in general. Dad looked up. Everyone else in my family was digging through a variety of books. Because I wasn’t pushed to learn how to read, I developed an almost abnormal love for books.

A plastic gray crate is one of my first memories of going to the library. It would be stuffed with a whole assortment of books by the time it finally made it to checkout. We feasted on the stories all the way home in silents. In all of my family, I love to read the most. I love to open a new book, and dive into the ocean of words that send me on a journey and teach me new things.

My taste of reading has dramatically changed over time. I used to enjoy reading lots of books about magic and dragons and wizards and things like that, and now I like the classics better. However, I still like to read some books like Peter and the star catchers and Lord of the Rings. I also enjoy all of C.S. Lewis’ books.

Writing and reading has been a huge part of my life. I’ve learned a lot from books, and discovered much by just plopping my ideas out on paper.

This is a modified version of an intruduction essay I wrote for my WR 121 class.

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4 Responses to Writing about writing and reading

  1. Bella says:

    Justin you remind me so much of myself! I have to tell you to keep writing because you are a superbly gifted writer and all of the dandy words of the world are at your beck and call. One day you will actually finish something and I will be able to read it and tell you that it was absolutely amazing. For now I’ll just tell you that everything you write on this blog is absolutely amazing…

  2. Marcia Reigel says:

    Hi Justin,
    I remember the time when it was said that you weren’t talented in the reading department. My, how times have changed. You have such a talent for the written word both in reading it and writing the words. I’m so proud of my talented grandson!

  3. nathan says:

    Justin you should add some pictures to this post!

  4. GiGi says:

    I have your pig poem, a framed gift in my Monterey home. I also use the fish decorated juice can to hole my pencils, Nate created. How about some more stories for the coffee table I don’t have in Monterey. i want to bring the coffee table here in West Linn to Monterey. Christmas is coming and it’s good to plan ahead. I might do the same, put together my story poems with art. Need to start by 4th of July as Christmas sneaks up on us, that’s for sure. What fun, reading this blog! Love, again, it’s close to one! I must hit the mail box & go to the post Office to mail my poetry as the contest deadline is today! love you, GiGi

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