The 100th post!

I just realized today that on the dashboard for JN there was a little peice text that read:
“A total of 99 posts”

And I thought:
“Well, shoot! Lets get into the triple digits!”

And: if you comment right now I could approve it and we we’ll also have reached 100 comments! What a coincidence :D
So here we are! And in case you were worrying if this post was pointless, read on! “Great Post” round up:

And thats all! Enjoy the nostalgia.

About nathan

I have a fascinating story to tell you! But I'll just be a listener for now, as I'm not the greatest of story tellers...
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2 Responses to The 100th post!

  1. nathan says:

    oh my goodness gracious. a newbie reader just won the 100th comment award!

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