Journey to the yellow house

Somebody asked me what I would most miss about Israel, and I easily summed it up in three things: Falafel, busking on Ben Yehuda, and, most of all, the family I talked about in this post. I know missing Falafel sounds silly, but it’s the Israel snack and I love it. Someday I might start a Falafel stand in America and get everyone addicted to the delicious sandwich.

Leaving Israel was sadder then I thought it would be. It took two days of chaotic packing and an all night plane ride to get to Germany. I made my whole family miss a bus because I went to the bathroom, so we where forced to wait for the next one. The bus we got on plopped us down at the train station- from where we missed three trains. The reason for missing the first one is sadly funny. Mom got the tickets while we waited for her. Unfortunately when the train came she was on one side of the platform and we the other. Right when the train pulled away we saw each other. Ah! It didn’t seem funny at the moment at all. The second one was so late that if we would have taken it we would have missed the next connection, and the third we just plain missed.

Finally we arrived at our distant cousins house, which everyone called the ‘yellow house’. We ate pasta, had a reunion with my grandma (she looked great; she was thinner and had short hair) and talked to our hosts till 10:00. It was still light when we left for our hotel! It was very fancy. The hotel actually is a remodeled farm. Everyone loves it… But I personally think that I’d rather have the experiences of coach surfing. However, it is a nice break from traveling rough.

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  1. GiGi says:

    Hi Justin, You’ll always have a space in my backyard in West Linn and on the deck in Monterey and the bathroom will always be open for you, my cherub friend born on the aniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake! See you soon. Love, GiGi

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