Family Band

5nicholsWe were honored to lead worship on our last Sabbath at Narkis Baptist in Jerusalem. This was the first time we have led as a family. Nathan finally got to play the piano instead of the drums or guitar which he had always done the last couple years in his youth group back in Spain. Renae played her flute by reading the root note of all the guitar music she had on her stand. Justin played the drum set for all but the last song when I motioned for him to come join us at the mics. Justin kicked off the the first song with a basa nova beat under “Those who Trust”, which we did as a funky blues style with harmonica. The following songs were “Beautiful One”, “Over all the Earth”, “Shout to the Lord”, “He knows my name”, “Jesus, Lover of my Soul”, and ending with “There is a Redeemer” which we sang partly a capella. The Lord blessed despite our failures, his name was glorified, and his children were encouraged. We didn’t have an offertory ready but a young friend of ours was prepared to play the piano and sing a beautiful song (The Valley) about God’s faithfulness. This fellowship has been sweet and the bible studies deep. Although I won’t be weeping on the necks of the elders like the Apostle Paul did at Ephesus, it is still sad to move away from here. Pastor Chuck and his wife Liz are amazing in their kindness, humility, knowledge, and talent.

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  1. nathan says:

    That was fun playing teh pianer for the first time!


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