book review: Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, by Jules Verne

At fist general society thought it was a huge wale of some kind. But then why would it glow? How could it possibly move so fast? How could a wale sink a ship?

Then they imagined some sort of monster. A monster? Impossible!

Finally someone came up with a theory that might be possible… a submarine! But of course, submarines didn’t exist! Even if they had existed, how could a private person create such a machine without the world knowing?

Finally a handful of people boarded the Abraham Lincoln on a quest to find out what the mysterious object could be. When they finally came across it, they found that even at full steam they could not catch it. In a last attempt Abraham Lincoln shot at the creature. The shell simply bounced off. Enraged, the animal came after the Abraham Lincoln and sunk it to the bottom of the sea.

After being thrown off the Abraham Lincoln, a Canadian, a professor, and the professors assistant found themselves clinging for dear life onto the very monster they had hoped to find. It was not a monster. It was a submarine.

A strong bond and a scents of camaraderie develops between them after many adventures. The submarine travels from ocean to ocean at the will of its captain, a man who has loosed almost all connections with the world.

Pretty good; it was a classic. Although not one of my favorites, I loved the style of writing. I think the main point the author was trying to make was that a submarine is probable.

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