Soccer in Israel

Playing soccer with Jews is much different then playing with Spaniards. The Jews actually tried to help each other, were careful not to foul each other, and well, (I hope I don’t seem rude) were much nicer than the young Spaniards I’ve played with over two years before moving to Israel. Also if they fell down, or got hurt, they wouldn’t roll around on the ground pretending to be so badly hurt that they could hardly play any more, they would just hop back up and take a foul shot.

They asked me about religion with motions. I told them I was a Christian, and they seamed fine with it as long as I believed in Yeshua (Jesus). ‘Yeshua was a Jew’ they told me. I could tell them why I was a Christian, going to Acts, but knowing that they would only understand 1 word out of every 50 that I said, I decided to just skip over that subject of what Jews were to do with Gentile Christians.

We played a bit, and then 7 older guys came, around the ages 15 to 18. I suggested playing against them. Obviously we lost, but it was great fun, and I learned some Hebrew, such as ‘bo’, which means come. By the way, I made a goal! After playing a bit with them I realized that I had greatly improved from living in Spain those couple years. Afterwards I came home sweaty but freezing (the sun was down) and sat down at the dinner table to tell of my adventures.

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