Live Music Recording Madness

Only at rare moments is are the awkward sounds I make with my mouth appropriate. In this video I show you the process of making a musical monologue, A Capella song using loops, multiple tracks, and mixing.

Feel free to download the song which was played at the end here (Just right click and choose “Save link as…”). Also feel free to check on the development of my new website: Thanks!

About nathan

I have a fascinating story to tell you! But I'll just be a listener for now, as I'm not the greatest of story tellers...
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2 Responses to Live Music Recording Madness

  1. Lydia Nichols says:

    Wow Nathan, that is really cool how you did all of those things with just your mouth and voice!

  2. jaywill78 says:

    Nice! Sweet beat, and good stereophonics. You get an A!

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