Easter worship at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem

One of several services that blessed 1000 plus people each time. This video composite merges a sample of the worship we heard. We couldn’t see the band this time, or even the empty tomb, and the video is simply from our perspective. What was amazing was to look around and see people from all over the world sharing in joyful confidence of the risen Jesus Christ.

Afterwards we visited with believers who had come from Nigeria, India, and several other places. It is profoundly supportive to see how the good news has continued to spread from two women at an empty tomb to billions around the world. Even though multitudes of followers don’t make something true, it is encouraging that over 500 people reported to have seen Jesus alive within the few days between his resurrection and his being taken up.

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2 Responses to Easter worship at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem

  1. Marcia Reigel says:

    Hi Family,
    What a wonderful experience to be in Jerusalem at Easter. Thanks for sharing via video the celebrations. I enjoyed hearing Karen and the kids singing. Love, Mother

  2. bRad Nichols says:

    Hi Brother Brent and family: Karen, Nathan, Justin and Renae.

    It’s good to see that all is well with your souls and to see all the singing, dancing and good times everyone is having.

    I sure look forward to you all making it home safely to Oregon in August, ’08.

    His love and mine to all,
    aka: bRadicalMagic in Eugene, OR on this 31st day of March

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