CollegeBoard ignores Israel but not Gaza

Palestine but not IsraelToday was the last day for overseas students to register for the May 3 SAT exam – No problem, so I thought. I went to the CollegeBoard website, knowing that the Anglican International School of Jerusalem is an official and regular testing center for the SAT. Yipes! Israel was not listed on the drop down menu! I thought, “No way!” and wondered if the CB listed something under Palestine (even though you would think college educated people would know that Palestine is not and was not ever a nation).

I scrolled down past Lesotho, and about 100 other nations, and there, just past Palau, was the “Palestinian Territories”. Great, I could take my SAT exam at the Atfaluna Society in Gaza! Ha! But I’d prefer to take my SAT with my head on my shoulders. Or, there’s an Arab school in Ramallah on the West Bank, which should be listed under the sovereign nation of Israel right?. Hmmmm… so I wrote to the CollegeBoard asking them if they were trying to make a political statement or is this just an obvious oversight? I know there is also at least one school in Tel Aviv that offers the SAT. I’ll let you know if the CB sends me an answer.

UPDATE: We called the CB that same evening and told them of our dilema. A nice lady name Carol walked us through registration and encountered the same missing choice of Israel and the AP testing sites. Although she did a manual registration for us, it did not fix the initial problem of showing AP testing centers in Palestine and not Israel (as of March 16, 2008)

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One Response to CollegeBoard ignores Israel but not Gaza

  1. Marcia Reigel says:

    Hi Nathan,
    I’m glad that you got registered for the SAT exams. Did Israel ever get added to the list? Very strange!
    Love, Grandma

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