“The ants go marching one by one, Hurrah! Hurrah! The ants go marching one by one, Hurrah! Hurrah!” Mom sings as she empties and bleaches the cupboard for the hundredth and first time. Ants are everywhere! Little piles of them in the corners of the room show battles fought in the past. Their crowded into the bathroom and all over anything left out on the counter. One night when I was really hungry, I crept into the kitchen, found a pot of beans on the stove, and shoved some on my plate. After eating about half of the beans, I realized what I thought was spice was really, well… ANTS!

A huge batch of baby spiders were born on the ceiling of our bathroom. Grabbing some toilet paper I crunched it up in a little ball and nonchalantly murder the whole population, not realizing that I had only killed about 80 of 100. Every day as I walk into the bathroom I am faced with a variety of jumping spiders, little teeny tiny flea like critters, little long black creatures with wings and perhaps one of those baby spiders I thought I had killed. These are the battles we face day by day, and yet we have not been defeated yet! Wow!

Fortunately, gecko lizards get into our house as well and eat some of the spiders. But then, they could be considered just as much a pest as the bugs are. I kinda like it when they help us battle all those bugs. Well, I hope this post didn’t gross you out, I just thought I’d share a bit of our daily struggles with our readers. Oh, and you probably will understand why I didn’t put any pictures up. :)

P.S. Just now I was sitting outside doing boring math and stuff, when suddenly I heard a buzzing near my leg. Slowly I lifted my leg up until I could see a gigantic green beetle with long antennas. I tried to brush him of, but he just flew into my face. I thought he went away again, but after a bit when I walked inside, I heard a buzzing up in my hair. I ran into the bathroom, frantically trying to see it in the mirror. The beetle started to crawl down onto my eyebrow, and I just brushed him off. I got some toilet paper, my only weapon, and systematically hunted him down until he was no more.

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