Chinese yo-yo

A Chinese yo yo looks like a giant yo yo but instead of the string being attached to it, the Chinese yo yo rides on the string between the two sticks. It looks like two rubber plungers joined at the small end with a metal thing that the string goes on to make it spin. The most popular trick is throwing the Chinese yo yo up really high and catching it but there are hundreds of more tricks.
One day these two circus guys came to my old school (Jewel school) when I was in the third grade. Now I’m in seventh grade. Anyway, they came to teach us how to spin a Chinese yo yo or learn how to do some cool tricks with devil sticks(devil sticks are also known as rhythm sticks or trick sticks). I chose the Chinese yo yo. I learned how to spin it after some practice, but I wasn’t very good. When I came home I asked my dad if he could get me one. He did. I’ve had it for three years now and can do lots of tricks. Here is a video with me doing the chinese yo-yo for a talent show in Jeruselem:

note: The youth group hosted this show and all the money collected is going to be used to go to Africa.

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2 Responses to Chinese yo-yo

  1. Lydia Nichols says:

    That is really cool! You’ll have to do that in our talent show Renae and I are putting on for everyone @ family camp this summer!

  2. joey says:

    ehhh i can play the chinese yoy better…

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