What is Couch Surfing?

Couch surfing is much more than a free place to stay. Its all about foreigners, us, meeting local people in their own homes. The reason most people do it is for the exchange of culture, ideas, and seeing the real life instead of just a tourist attraction. In our travels through Europe, we have stayed with the most interesting host families and individuals that you could imagine. Since we are musicians then most of the fun has been around jamming with our new friends. The exchange of ideas in areas of religion, politics, and learning about the special interests that our hosts have had such as sword fighting, metal working, open source programmers, environmentalists, vegetarians, and linguists.


Here is a picture of Justin playing a cello for the first time,
while our host plays the banjo for the first time,
and his daughter plays Justin’s violin.

To learn more about this style of travel, go to couchsurfing.com (link opens new window).

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