Our adventure started in Bogotá …

Us 3 kids under archway in Villa de Leyva, Colombia Just Nichols flashes back to the 2000 -2001 school year when our traveling adventure started with a Fulbright Teacher exchange to Colombia, South America. That exchange placement could have been nearly anywhere in that enormous country, but on the outskirts of Bogotá, population 8 million, Nathan and Dad were placed in a private bilingual school within a 20 minute walk from the only school for missionary kids in the country. We could not ignore the providential provision and so Karen volunteered to help teach and we enrolled Justin and Renae. The following year, Dad was granted an extended leave from public teaching and volunteered to teach at the school for MKs, where Nathan moved into the 5th grade. The amazing experience led to a career shift whereby, during a two year return to the USA, Mom got her masters in teaching Spanish and Dad eventually resigned from teaching in public schools in order to volunteer overseas. Destination unknown. Future secure.

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