Full House

Somewhere in the month of December We met a big family at church… a grand total of 13 children! Their ages ranged from 4 to 24, and there were only four boys in the whole family. The mother of the family played the violin, and that was passed down to about 4 of the girls.

just3vioart.jpgMy mom got some tortillas, made a huge pot of rice, a huge pot of beans, and invited them over. Right before they came over another family dropped by. They ended up staying to. It was definitely a full house. After every one ate their fill we made an orchestra in the other room. I played a bit to, but they were much better than me, so I could hardly keep up.

When everyone knew enough songs we walked over to Ben Yehuda street and played for about an hour. I brought my Chinese yo yo, but all the songs were too slow. I spun it a bit afterwards and made some friends:


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3 Responses to Full House

  1. sam says:

    They were amazing violinists!!

  2. Lydia Nichols says:

    Wow! 13 kids! That’s just nine too many for me! I don’t think I would be able to handle it!

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