Ben Yehuda Street


Ben Yehuda Street, named after Eliezar Ben-Yehuda, lies in the heart of Jerusalem, Israel not far from Jaffa road and the old city. This street is also called the 5th avenue of Jerusalem. It’s a great place to experience a variety of new and mixed things. Ben Yehuda Street brings a unique experience filled with music, people and flavors to taste.

On this unique street, Jews, Gentiles, Christians, extremists and people of all backgrounds come to shop, taste the many foods, or simply take a walk and stare empty eyed at things in windows they could not buy. Cyclist’s wiz past leaving startled people staring after them, jumping over and off anything in their way. Jews wearing kippas, the traditional Jewish head cover, come out to take an evening stroll after the Sabbath. Celebrations thrive on street corners, stopping strollers to stare at Jews waving flags. Hundreds of humans walk down this street every day unknowingly creating a new and spectacular atmosphere.

Street musicians dominate each block with their melody. They play traditional Latin American, jazz, violin, guitar, fiddle, trumpet, and more. Sometimes the sound of hard rock mingles with the soft cords of slurred and beautiful harp music, both fighting for an audience. People strolling the streets can find music as easily as a sunflower can be found in a field of red roses. Taking the chance to make a few extra shekels, the street musicians go out right after the Sabbath when the crowd is dense. Beautiful music drifts along every night making strollers stop to listen, making them laugh, cry, dance, or do all of them at once!

Tempting aromas drift out of open restaurant doors as people slow down to smell them. Tourists and locals alike find Falafel to be the most popular food, and boy does it live up to its popularity! Some of the foods they sell include ice cream, fast food (like McDonalds and Burger king) and Chinese food. The restaurants can pay extra to have a rabbi deem their food kosher so they can sell it for more money. Pig feet, shell fish, and clam chowder are only a few of the foods you will not find there for religious reasons. Ben Yehuda Street is a great place to find all sorts of food.

The people on this street are new-fangled like the food they sell. The music on this street brings smiles and tears, joy and bittersweet sadness to the ears of both young and old. Ben Yehuda Street brings a unique experience filled with music, people and flavors to taste. The music, food, and human souls on Ben Yehuda Street are like a tossed green salad; they do not mix, but all the flavors are put together and…Boom! A new taste. Ben Yehuda Street makes a new taste that is open for any passing stroller to try, and that taste sure has a wonderful flavor.

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3 Responses to Ben Yehuda Street

  1. Chelsea says:

    Very descriptive! I feel like I’m there again. :)

  2. nate says:

    You were there too? Cool! Where all did you go when you visited Israel? :)

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