Venise, Italy

dsc02857.JPGWe landed last night in Italy (you can read about that in detail here) and spent the night with a guy named Traversin. The next day we went to the old part of town, got lost, had fun, and then came out on the other side of town were we took a train to the small famous island of Venice. The island is a series of small canals, it has over 400 bridges. We walked and met people and ate Italian ice cream, and then headed for the saint marks square.

Someone was selling pidgins food, and the pidgins liked it so much, that they would climb all over you just to get some (no wonder people are getting bird flu), one guy even put some on his head, and all the pidgins where pecking away. I took my diablo out of my moms backpack and spun in the middle of the square, and dad recorded it:




My mom wanted to see the saint marks square when it was night, because then all the lights would shine, and the hole thing would look so romantic. We walked around a bit more, and Nathan met a be-boxer, you know-boom bap…pip boom bap pab boom pip! He sorta spoke English, so we asked him if he wanted to busc together, but he had to go home. oh well.


By now it was getting dark, so we went and saw the square. I’ll describe it. A sheet of darkness coverd everything exept pockets of bright light illuminating the area around them. The buetiful music of violin players drifted by my ears, clashing with anuther bands music across the square, but still it was buetiful. I felt as if I could acually SMELL the night air around me. a slight breeze ruffled my hair, but didn’t penetrate my sweater. I could see arches of cement on both sides of me, and pretty paintings on all the walls. A tower loomed obove the square, and it amazed me. It must have taken at least 10 years to build it. brick after brick. stone after stone. That is what I saw.


We went out to eat Italian pasta and pizza. although the pizza was kinda hard, the spicy pasta was great. Renae was adventurous and ate something that I can’t seem to put a name to. After that my dad bought tickets to the local bus/boat. On the boat I met a kid named fillip who was from Germany, and I talked to him and his father on the way to our train. We took the train, got home, and… went to sleep.


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