Playin’ the drums

Boy howdy has this turned into a photo blog. Anyway, found this picture, enjoy :)

Thats me, about a year and a half ago on drums… Sorry for the interruption. Where were we? Venice? Actually now we are in France. Oh boy, are you up for some fun posts comin’ your way? We’ve got multimedia yessir-ee. Photo/video packed bundles of joy heading your way.

About nathan

I have a fascinating story to tell you! But I'll just be a listener for now, as I'm not the greatest of story tellers...
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3 Responses to Playin’ the drums

  1. Chelsea says:

    Awwww.. that picture makes me miss my drum set. I haven’t played in an entire year! I’m glad you’ve kept it up Nathan. :)

  2. nate says:

    Actually that was a year ago :( I have hardly been playing at all. I’ve switched to the guitar :)

  3. jaywill78 says:

    Get some vids of you playin’ the drums up here, or guitar I guess! If I had the capabilities, I’d have to send some your way. What are you using?

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