Lace in Lace, colors in Lace

dsc03150.JPGOn the Island of Lace, where they make lace, there works a lady who will ramble off in your ear every Italian word she knows and you don’t. If you try Spanish with her she will completely understand, but it will be tough following her friendly descriptions of different patterns of lace. Here is the picture I asked if I could take, in Spanish.

dsc03155.JPG As this post was entitled, there are also colors in Lace, rather in lace, for lace is white but the Island is filled with colors. No, there is no neighborhood standard when it comes to colors. Here is a loverly picture.

And that’s all folks. I’m saddened by your jealousy of the satisfaction my eye receives from such marvellous sights as Lace, Murano and Venice. Traveling is so over rated. It’s the people ya meet not the places ya go ;) .

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