Site redesign…

Hello from Italia again.
Yours truly will be giving this site a bit of a face lift and it may take a little while. In the mean time, enjoy the greenish look. Ick. We will be stretching out our page widths and switching up some css for your readability preferences. A good banner is definatly in tail as well. So, bear with us. Roar.


About nathan

I have a fascinating story to tell you! But I'll just be a listener for now, as I'm not the greatest of story tellers...
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2 Responses to Site redesign…

  1. Jacksons says:

    It was worth the wait. Your “new look” is great. Especially like the orange banner that melts into the orange building in the photo. Cool. Too bad your dad needs a haircut though. That kinda ruins the whole thing. :)

  2. nate says:

    HAHA!! Yep, and worth my time too :) I enjoyed every frustrating minute of the process. To me its like a puzzle, trying to get all the php code in place and themes uploaded. Yeah anyway, Dad does need a haircut :P hehe…

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