One Bean & A Smile

My dad says, “even though we ain’t got money, I’m so in love with you honey.” He sang that to Mom one time when they were in Colombia and had only one bean in the cupboard. They had been trying to live like George Muller who never asked any one for money but trusted that God would move people to supply what they needed. So, it was funny when the ran out of money before the bills were paid for that month. The next day, a parent at the school where my parents volunteer taught, put an envelope into my Mom’s pocket. Mom didn’t think much of it until she opened it that night and laid out a surprising amount of money on the bed. Mom yelled to Dad, “look! we’re rich!” They put the money into piles according to the bills they had for that month, and it came out to the perfect amount, with nothing left over. Dad says, “Where God guides, God supplies.”

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