The Eye Doctor

I went to the eye doctor on June 30 because I had lost my peripheral vision an hour before for about 10 minutes. My dad read about in on the internet and he thought it might be a sign of childhood glaucoma. We had a specific eye doctor we were going to go to at first, but that eye doctor didn’t have the right machine to check for peripheral vision, so we walked around. After walking around for a while we came to a place that seemed to have the right machine to check for glaucoma, but it was all shut down, since it was close to 8 pm and he wanted to get home, he checked real quick to make sure I wasn’t in any kind of serious danger, then he said to come back tomorrow so he could test me on the machine.
The next day me, my dad, and my mom all went to the eye doctor. He first checked me in case I needed glasses, and told me to look at that chart that had all the letters on it. Then he said,”not that one, The OTHER one” so I read the other one, and he said I didn’t need glasses, what a surprise!
Then came the machine…He told me to put my head in a little thingymajig and stare at a green dot. first he covered my left eye and told me to click a button every time I saw a flashing dot appear in my peripheral vision. I missed a couple of the flashes at first, but then I got really good at it. The problem was, every time I stared at the green dot I was supposed to keep my eyes on without blinking for 6 seconds, every thing around the green dot would go black. So the trick was to just let everything go black and then press the dot if a little light came into view.
Once he had that all cleared up and he was done testing me with the machine he put some sort of liquid in my eyes to dilate my pupils to look at my retinas. Then he told us to come back in thirty minutes, so we went to McDonald’s and we all had ice cream. pretty soon I started to only be able to look at stuff far away.
When we came back the doctor wasn’t there and he didn’t come back for an hour or so, but when he did, he just looked in my eyes with a light beam and said,”he’s fine”. We asked him a bunch of questions, paid the bill of 100 euros, and then we went home.

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  1. Lydia Nichols says:

    Speaking of glasses, Justin, I had to get them because I am near-sighted. (I think…) i cant see far away! :-)

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