Cathartic experiences of a geek.

The events of one night:hardrive_1.jpg

I realized I had a backdoor trojan virus on my computer, this means a hacker can find that backdoor and play with whatever they want to on my system. Internet connections, passwords, files, etc.

I grabbed a Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 cd and tried installing. Went through the nerve racking process of formatting all the partitions, creating new ones, researching what the 8 mbs of “unpartitioned space” was, and finnally, rebooting and going with it graphically. It began leading me through the installation of the system, And then you know what?!

It asked for a product key!!! Oh, but do not think that I was unprepared. I whipped out my notebook that I had prepared with information I would need. I put in my Home Edition Product Key…no luck. Of course, It was a pro Operating system. So I skipped down to the next product key, off the bottom of the laptop that had pro on it but then was reinstalled with a spanish OS. Anyways…

It did not work.

I tried a linux cd, I tried rearranging the boot priority list in the BIOS menu, I tried EVERYTHING and was deffinately feeling the “geek low” on the roller coaster of technological emotions. It would keep going back to the windows XP Pro screen asking for that daunting product key.

Then suddenly after probably the 10th reboot I pressed the F10 key at random. KABANG “Hi there poor little boy who just made the stupid mistake of formatting your hard drive without an OS to use, how bout trying ‘sony vaio recover wizard’?” Lights in heaven began to shine, hallelujah.

So, I have a fully functional system with Home Edition service pack 1. I am over joyed. Now it is 11:15 pm and I need to:

1. Install Service Pack 2
2. Install all my programs
3. Uninstall the useless stuff (internet explorer, Netscape, Microsoft products…)

Dear reader, have a wonderful day filled with good healthy computers. Be careful.


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