Surfing in Morocco

I’m in Morocco!
I’m in Esouira!
I’m surfing!

IN THE ATLANTIC ACEAN…we went to a hotel where there were 2 rooms, just the right amount for 6 people. The guy who rented it to us said that there was a surprise… a surfboard. The next day we went surfing, but it was really hard because it was a expert board that was build for speed. But the next day we went and got a half hour surfing lesson with easy boards and a wet suit for Nathan. The most time I spent surfing a wave was when I glided across the water for about half a minute. It was so cool!

Our teacher didn’t know how to speak much English, so he kinda motioned to us what to do. He motioned for us to put the surf boards on the sand right by the water. He told us to first start swimming before the wave hits you, and then when the
wave hits, you lean forward, and hopefully you will get a little bit ahead of the wave. At this point you start getting on your knees, and then on your feet.

P.S. I was shivering crazy half the time.

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