From Marrakech to the coast!

Monkeys, snake charmers, mint tea, drums, chameleons, rugs, cheap converse, henna and shops. Lots and lots of shops with people hollering at you to come in to “just look, no buy!”. The huge square billowed up with smoke like a volcano, swallowing up tourists in wild frenzy. A plethora of languages whirled through the thick air, demanding, begging, frankly pleading to engulf your money for a meal.

At night time a hundred or so crowds would form about performers of all types. From magicians to jugglers to acrobats to sitar imitating banjo players; the square was the locals source of entertainment. My brother and I both had the opportunity to join performers a various times. I at a drum circle and my brother at a miniature circus troop. He spun his Chinese yo yo with a fury that could only be matched by one boy.

That one boy invited us over to there circle and told us to juggle and basically perform. It was magnificent. We are in Marrakech Morocco. It’s been a fun day. tomorrow we are still here, the day after that we go to the coast of Africa. I’ll post some videos and some pictures up here soon. ciao!

Esaouira, Saouria, Esira… How do you pronounce it again? We went to this white washed town by the cold Atlantic ocean after two days of inner city madness. In comparison, Esaouira was a calming sprinkle of rain to our red blood shot eyes. Esaouira is famous for its blue doors, its wind surfing and its skinny cats. My grandmother, keeper of eight cats, fed them all with pieces of chicken. Anyway, we stayed there for a total of 3 days in various apartments and met many locals. If we go back we’ll have plenty of friends to visit and drink tea with.

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